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I cannot thank Tawnya Perry enough for putting together the life changing course called Evolve that I participated in this weekend. Thank you also to the other lead coaches and all the assistants who helped make this weekend one I will never forget.

I also cannot thank Amanda Rocuant enough for putting me in contact with her at the perfect time in my life.

Thank you also to my parents Kathy Kearney Rocuant and Paul Rocuant for supporting me through this, and all my other family and friends. I love you all so much!

Before this weekend I gave my power away in many ways, especially by putting everyone else before myself, and blaming others for my feelings. This weekend I learned how to take it back. Now, I finally remember what it feels like to love and be loved (deeply and truly), how it feels to take up space and give myself a voice, how it feels to open up to complete strangers (and not be terrified about it), and most importantly how to just feel. All emotions are healthy emotions when we know how to handle them.

I’m no longer ashamed to be myself, and I’m excited for life!!

To anyone who took the time to read this, thank you. I’m awesome, and so are you!

Rebecca R

I've waited a few days to share this because I wanted to get my thoughts together to give justice to my incredible experience this past weekend. I went to a course that was life changing. My daughter invited me to go and I didn't hesitate as I've watched all of my children flourish in this course's teaching. My mind set, going in, was to TRUST THE PROCESS. I knew it was going to be good. Here's what I did not know... I did not know the core beliefs I carried around about myself, about others and how it manifested in my everyday life. Shame, anger and sadness are the three core beliefs that are the filter everything has to sift through. Those core beliefs begin in the moments of the first time we're given the opportunity to experience them... very early in life. I had no idea how deeply rooted those three emotions were. I saw students who had no idea they too were carrying these destructive feelings around. Unless they are acknowledged and purged they take root in the mind and heart. The course did not challenge my faith or even come close. I will say that God allowed the opportunity and used it for good.  I'm forever grateful for the course Evolve and the gifted psychologists that worked very hard to expose and help challenge those harming core beliefs. It's called EVOLVE with the second"E" spelled backwards. May God bless them continue to assist others to be loosed from the strong holds!

Kimberly B.

I need to tell y’all about something new. I’ve been involved with countless personal development programs in recent decades, in both student and facilitator roles, and I’ve never come across one I could recommend this highly. Assisting at EVOLVE this past weekend was truly magical. Especially when compared to other South Florida courses, it is vastly superior in every way. This course is aptly named because it represents the EVOLUTION of personal development, hitting all the right notes while leaving behind outmoded paradigms that could sometimes cause more harm than good. If you’ve ever thought about taking a personal development course but were scared off by some of the things you’d heard, this is the one you’ve been waiting for. Love heals. Love, skillfully wielded by brilliant and intuitive facilitators, is what will unlock your limitations and bring you back to yourself. If you know me personally, you can attest that I’ve never invited you to a local course, because I’ve always had reservations about the ones I’ve experienced. I’m so thrilled to finally have a program I can unequivocally invite you to attend. Everyone reading this—whether you just have a few life-kinks you want to work out, or you secretly fear you’re broken beyond repair—I invite you to come EVOLVE with us. PM me if you have any questions! (And, no, I don’t get anything if you enroll, LOL. Just a more evolved community to play in.)

Lisa M.

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