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Tawnya Perry, Certified Life Coach
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Tawnya Perry

Tawnya Perry


Certified Life Coach | Parenting Coach/Instructor | Trained in Clinical EFT Trauma 

Tawnya Perry is Executive of HeartPath, LLC, courses: Evolve, Evolve U and Becoming You. She provides leadership to the core team members for the courses and is responsible for creating the final structure of courses and support programs. She is a dynamically gifted intuitive leader with vast life experiences which propelled her to become a dedicated Certified Life CoachCertified Parenting Instructor and Personal Development Co. Instructor.

Tawnya has developed resources to fulfill goals to enrich the lives of children, teens, single parents, parenting couples, grandparents, and adults that ‘pay-it-forward’. Children’s programs are provided  at the non-profit foundation, Lifetime Learning Connections, Inc.

Having the training needed to lovingly retrain dysfunctional family relationships using individual and group settings, she created courses for children as well as adults. The Kidz Kourse is an emotional mental health wellness course. The Teenz Kourse is a workshop that gives teens the life skills to connect with themselves and others by improving communication skills. The Heart Mind and Soul Parenting course provides parents and entrepreneurs with communication skills and a loving way to get cooperation at home and at work.

When school shootings hit Florida this created a heart-felt desire in Tawnya to find a strategic way to help people in need release the trauma, that if left unchecked could cause communities to collapse. Connecting with Lori Leydon, Tawnya took Clinical EFT Trauma Training and shows how to use this as a tool as an addition to each course. Her contribution to the world is the awareness of the importance of love, self-love, and self-acceptance.

Contact Tawnya at 754-204-8225 for more information on the Evolve Course, Heart Mind and Soul Parenting, and Becoming You,

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