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Join an Evolve course event as a returning angel. See the Books we recommend. Find professional therapists who understand the value of Evolve courses. Get inspired to use these resources which we recommend to help you with what is uncovered within yourself while you learn to evolve in the courses. Evolve courses are group support. Individuals who enjoy accelerating their process through difficult times will find additional support among these resources. Also, read what our students say about Evolve and trust in the process.

Recommended Books, Videos, & Other Resources

Acquire knowledge on how to improve mind-patterns.

Evolve Community

Our courses are for adults that are on the road to expand their awareness. If you feel stuck in your life and you are ready to get out of the rut you are in, come back and take a course.  As a graduate of an approved Evolve course or another course that we accept, you can return as an Angel to continue to learn and grow while being a support to new students. Learn about dates scheduled.

Professional Support

When you require additional support from a professional personal therapist how do you know who to go to? We recommend these professionals we hold in high esteem.

Graduates of Evolve

Official Evolve Courses

You will come to a safe space and be among heart-centered co-leaders and support teams. Each time you experience a course you will become increasingly self-aware.

Families in crisis and individuals who wish to inspire change in themselves or others are invited to explore the options Evolve courses offer. 

Evolve in New Ways

Reading and watching videos are important parts for acquiring knowledge. Daily practice of reading, hearing, and/or spending time with uplifting people can strengthen and support healthy mind patterns. 

Consider keeping a gratitude journal to write in because handwriting is important to a better brain. Teach your children how to do cursive writing. Remind yourself to do it too.

Professional Therapy

A list of recommended mental health experts that we hold in high esteem. An Evolve course is a tool therapist can use to help assist acceleration through mental health issues. 

Therapists may recommend an Evolve course so that your sessions with them can grow quickly beyond issues that keep you stuck weekly within on-going therapy. 

I've waited a few days to share this because I wanted to get my thoughts together to give justice to my incredible experience this past weekend. I went to a course that was life changing. My daughter invited me to go and I didn't hesitate as I've watched all of my children flourish in this course's teaching. My mind set, going in, was to TRUST THE PROCESS. I knew it was going to be good. Here's what I did not know... I did not know the core beliefs I carried around about myself, about others and how it manifested in my everyday life. Shame, anger and sadness are the three core beliefs that are the filter everything has to sift through. Those core beliefs begin in the moments of the first time we're given the opportunity to experience them... very early in life. I had no idea how deeply rooted those three emotions were. I saw students who had no idea they too were carrying these destructive feelings around. Unless they are acknowledged and purged they take root in the mind and heart. The course did not challenge my faith or even come close. I will say that God allowed the opportunity and used it for good.  I'm forever grateful for the course Evolve and the gifted psychologists that worked very hard to expose and help challenge those harming core beliefs. It's called EVOLVE with the second"E" spelled backwards. May God bless them continue to assist others to be loosed from the strong holds!

Kimberly B.

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